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Emulex QD33 SMD controller

Setting up an Emulex QD33 SMD controller and formatting the drives is done via an on-board setup program. Go to the chevron prompt and issue these commands:

d/p/w 20001f40 20
d/p/w 20088000 80000001                   
d/p/w 20088004 80000002
d/w   20001468 1
e/w   20001468 ( should be 0900 or b00 )
d/w   2000146a 3003
e/w   2000146a ( 100 )
d/w   2000146a 4401
s  80  for a VSII, s 82

This assumes the controller is at its standard address 772150. After the S80 the menu of the on board program will appear.

Follow the menu. Be warned, that you must use units 0 and 1 on the drives, and the entries are ordered in the eeprom that way. IE, first setup is for unit 0, second is for unit 1.