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KDA50 switch settings

KDA50 switch settings

From my KDA50 user manual:

Hold the M7164 board with the LEDs & ribbon cable connectors upwards and the Qbus edge connectors down. The block of 10 dip switches sets the bus address.

The left-most switch is S1 (and corresponds to address bit 11) and the right-most is S10 (and corresponds to address bit 2).

To set the address to 172150, the switches should be (from left to right):

   A11 A10  A9  A8  A7  A6  A5  A4  A3  A2
    S1  S2  S3  S4  S5  S6  S7  S8  S9 S10

   off  on off off off  on  on off  on off

From: Kenn Humborg

More info at: