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Visual Field Guide

m7270k.jpg m7504k.jpg m7546k.jpg m7555k.jpg

There exists a well known file, the Field Guide, which lists all PDP and VAX DEC boards by number and description. This page will grow to be the visual version of this list. It shows pictures of a lot of boards, and their number and function. This makes it easy to identify boards with unreadable of missing module numbers.

There will be a question and answer routine on this page, which will lead you to a picture of a board based on its description.

If you own boards that are not on this page, I would appreciate it very much if you could send me an image of them. (You can download a list of the pictures I already have.) If it is a dual or quad width board, you do not need a digital camera to make this picture, you can just lay it face down on a flat bed scanner. (This is how all the pictures on this page were made.) Please mail any pictures to Thanks in advance!

What do you want to see?

A number of scans were contributed by Megan Gentry, Dan Burrows and Emanuel Stiebler. Thanks!